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A. Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module connectors provide four high-speed communication links between other FPGA simulators or third-party devices. Each socket controls one communication link. SFP transceivers and fiber-optic cables must be selected (and purchased separately) according to the type and speed of the communication protocol.

  • Note: MuSE link requires specific SFP transceivers and optical fiber cables:
    • SFP: Avago AFBR-57R5APZ
    • Cable: LC-LC multimode 850 nm optical fiber

B. JTAG connector (for OPAL-RT technicians’ use only).

  • Note: JTAG connector is highly sensitive to Electro Static Discharge (ESD). Always leave plastic plug in place when not in use. Wear an anti-static wrist strap at all times when using this connector.

C. Synchronization connectors status and user-configurable LEDs, dip switch and synchronization connectors.

  • LED Label
    • PROG/CFG OK:
      • CFG OK steady on green and PROG off indicates the FPGA is functioning normally.
      • CFG OK off and PROG steady on yellow indicate the FPGA has stopped and is no longer functioning.
    • RXGreen when receiving synchronization.
    • TX: Green when transmitting synchronization.
    • USER 1: Green LED controlled. Configured by the user using Simulink blocks.
    • USER 2: Green LED controlled. Configured by the user using Simulink blocks.
    • PWR ON: Green indicates that the power is on.
      • Green indicates MASTER mode.
      • Yellow indicates SLAVE mode.
      • Flashing green and yellow indicates a SAFE bitstream in the FPGA
  • Dip switch
    • CHASSIS INDEX: 8-pin DIP switch that allows users to set the device’s network chassis index. It can be set from 00 to FF (in HEX) for a maximum of 256 addresses, default value = 00. Refer to General Configuration to copy this value as the Chassis ID value in RT-LAB and HYPERSIM.
  • SYNCHRO Connectors Label
    • TX/RX Fiber-Optic Connectors (square connectors): Compatible with OP4500, OP5607, OP7000 and OP7020. Synchronizes time steps between systems and includes high-speed FPGA pulses.
    • TX/RX Copper Cable Connectors (3.5 mm audio jack connectors): Legacy connectors compatible with all OPAL-RT products except OP4200.

D. Target computer monitoring interface. Two push buttons and six LED indicators:

  • Power Push Button: Power on or shut down the target computer.
  • Reset Push Button: Resets the target computer.
  • Power Green LED: On indicates that the unit is powered up.
  • HDD Green LED: On indicates that the hard disk drive is operating.
  • NIC1: Not used
  • NIC2: Not used
  • Power Fail: Not used
  • Overheat/Fan Fail: Not used
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