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This page includes the following components, configurable at edit-time only:

NameSpecifies the name of the circuit model.
DescriptionSpecifies a description for the circuit model.
Circuit Model File PathSpecifies the path to the circuit model file on disk. When a file path is added or modified, the model file is parsed and VeriStand channels are created corresponding to the Source, Switch, and Measurement components defined in the circuit model. Component configuration settings are set to their default states.
ReloadParses the currently specified circuit model and updates the VeriStand channels. Components whose names have not changed retain their previously configured settings, while new or modified components are reset to the default state.  Components that are no longer part of the model are removed.
ClearRemoves the currently loaded circuit model.  When a circuit model is cleared, the corresponding Source, Switch, and Measurement sections are deleted from the Configuration Tree and all related mapping configuration settings are removed.
Timestep (s)Specifies the Timestep of the circuit model.  A value of 0 means the model will execute at the speed of the Minimum Timestep (s).
Form Factor

Specifies the form factor of the eHS Solver that will be used to simulate the circuit model.  The form factor is dependent on the selected Hardware Configuration.

Circuit Model File Warning

If the file at Circuit Model File Path has been modified on disk since the circuit model was last loaded, the following warning message is displayed:

Circuit model file has been modified on disk.

Click Reload to ensure that the currently loaded model is up to date with the version on disk.  Reloading the model clears the warning message.

Scenario Configuration


These The components in this subsection are disabled until a circuit model has been loaded.  Microsoft Excel is required to use the Scenarios feature.

Scenarios File Path

Specifies the path to the Scenarios file on disk.


Creates a new Scenario template file with the name and path specified in Scenarios File Path.  The specified file must have the extension .xls.

Use Scenarios?Enables the Scenarios feature in eHS.  When enabled, the Scenario ID channel is added to the Configuration Tree.
Model Information

Minimum Timestep (s)

Displays the smallest timestep at which the eHS Solver can simulate the circuit model.  eHS will run the simulation at this timestep by default, unless a larger timestep is specified in the Timestep (s) field.
Number of Scenarios UsedDisplays the number of Scenarios defined in the currently loaded Scenarios file.
Maximum Number of ScenariosDisplays the maximum number of scenarios that can be configured in the Scenarios file.
RefreshReanalyzes the circuit model file to refresh the information displayed under Model Information.


This section includes the following custom device channels:. The value of an input channel can be modified dynamically at execution time.

Channel NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
Scenario IDInput0

Specifies the index of the scenario to be simulated. Modify the value of this channel at run-time to switch between scenarios.

This channel is only available when Use Scenarios? is enabled.