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Table of Contents


Product NameOP5330-1OP5330-3
Part Number126-0104126-0157
Module TypeDigital to
Analog Converter Module
analog converter 
Form factorOPAL-RT Type-B
Type-B  Board Identification


Number of channels  16 or 8 single-ended
Resolution          16 bits
Voltage range±5V, ±10V or ±16V (default value)
Maximum current 35mA (OP5330-1)15 mA (OP5330-3)
Max. Sampling Frequency 1 MS/s
Min Conversion/Acquisition Time1 μs per channel

DC Transfer Characteristics


or 2 MS/s
CalibrationFactory-calibrated for each voltage range

Dynamic Characteristics

Maximum noise20 mV peak-to-peak
Maximum offset ± 80 mV
Recommended warm-up time 5 mins


Operating temperature10 to 40° C
Storage temperature   -55 to 85 °C
Relative humidity 10 to 90%, non-condensing
Maximum altitude 2,000 m