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Table of Contents

The OP8320-2 can be installed on a DB37 cable connected to analog output signals coming from the OPAL-RT simulator. The purpose of this board is to provide user-adjustable custom filtering to these signals.

OP8320-2 Board Interface

RC/LC Filter

An RC or LC filter can be added for each channel, depending on the frequency cut-out required.

Two sockets are used for this purpose:

  1. The socket represented by a capacitor on the PCB (labeled C below) is used to install the capacitor C2 of the filter.
  2. The socket represented by a resistor (labeled R below) is used to install either the resistor or inductor R2 of the filter.

The following parameters are a good starting point for the RC values: R=10Ω, C = 1000pF. Choose the appropriate resistor or capacitor to achieve proper tuning, depending on application parameters.

Background Color

The OP8320-2 is equipped, by default, with a pre-soldered snubber with the following RC values: R=10Ω, C = 1000pF.

Voltage Divider

Tow resistors can also be used to create a voltage divider if a resistor is installed in the C socket instead of a capacitor.

Example of Voltage Divider for OP8320-2