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  • 16 single-ended analog output channels
  • All outputs are sampled simultaneously, up to 1 MS/s
  • 16-bit resolution
  • ±16 V voltage range output
  • ±15 mA maximum current per channel
  • Factory calibrated


The OP4230-1 digital to analog converter (DAC) provides 16 single-ended digital output channels. Each channel uses a 16-bit resolution digital-to-analog converter.


By default, the maximum output signal is set to ±16 volts.


The figure below represents a simplified schematic of one channel of the OP4230-1 module.

It is composed of three stages: the first stage consists of one gain DAC and one offset DAC; the second stage consists of a signal DAC with an operational amplifier that allows for gain adjustments; the third stage consists of an operational amplifier that receives final signal value and integrates the offset.

Output DAC circuitImage RemovedOutput DAC circuitImage Added


The following diagrams provide an example of a typical application using the OP4230-1.

Typical application diagramImage RemovedTypical application diagramImage Added

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The OP4230-1 cassette includes the OP5330-3 mezzanine card.