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Product nameOP5356-3OP5356-5OP5355
Part numberOP5356-3: 126-0448OP5356-5: 126-0436OP5355: 126-0439
Product type Digital output conditioning board
Output type OP5356-3: RS-422 3V

OP5356-5: RS-422 5VOP5355: LVDS (Low-Voltage)
Isolation Galvanic
Number of channels32
Compatibility OP5600, OP5606 and OP7000
Tested working distance100 feet
Output rise / fall time 5 ns / 13 ns
Delay low to high5 ns
Delay high to low5 ns
Output voltage high OP5356-3: 2.6V typ. with 100Ω EOL

OP5356-5: 3.4V typ. with 100Ω EOLOP5355: 1.38V typ. with 100Ω EOL
Relative humidity10 to 90%, non condensing
Maximum altitude 2,000 m (6562 ft.)