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For off-line simulation user can get more logs by setting these Environment Variables, either in RT-LAB UI or in Advanced systems settings of the Windows OS:

  • EPHASOR_LOG: set the value to “1” to have a log file named after the network if the inversion of the impedance matrix for a multiphase component fails.
  • EPHASOR_VALIDATORS: value can be 'name', 'link', or 'name, link'. If value is 'name' and there is a duplicated ID in the network (for example a load and a line have the same ID’s) there will be proper error messages and log file to advise user about duplication(s). If the value is 'link' and bus ID’s of a branch type component, such as line or transformer, are not valid the error messages and log file will advise the user.

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Note: running these validation for large-scale system can add a significant time for initialization process. Therefore, for these cases it is recommended to disable or comment out these variables after the validations and required corrections are done.