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Table of Contents


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.3.4

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.3.4
  • Added support of MatLab R2017b
  • New Statcom multi-rate demo


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.3.2

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.3.2
  • New TSB model (TSB-RD) 2-level
  • New TSB model (TSB-RD) 3-level NPC (2 and 3 phases)
  • New TSB model (TSB-RD) 3-level T-type (RD stands for real diodes)
  • Note: previous TSB models are still available
  • New TSB-RD demo section in ARTEMiS on-line demos
  • Improved switch matrix permutation calculation speed in offline mode and in RT-LAB model separation.
  • New application note: How to decouple a model
  • New application note: Switch models in ARTEMiS
  • New application note: How to adjust RC snubber for TSB
  • New application note: About Park Transforms
  • New application note: LU vs LDLt factorizations in SSN
  • New Application Note section in ARTEMiS Demos (under Scientific paper and benchmark section)
  • Online Demos reorganized to be unique across matlab versions and placed in the common folder of the installation
  • Added some papers and PPT in ARTEMiS scientific paper section.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.3.0

  • SSN synchronous machine block with backward Euler option
  • New paper on SSN rotating machine included in examples section
  • New application notes section in examples section
  • SSN OLTC blocks: small correction in no saturation mode made to allow compilation to complete
  • 3-level NPC demo: correction to allow DC bus to charge correctly considering null initial conditions