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Product name OP5360-1OP5360-2
Part number126-0447126-0466
Product TypeDigital output board
Form FactorOPAL-RT Type-B


Number of Channels 32
Output ConfigurationOutputs are not tri-stated; forced to a low state when undriven or unpowered.Push-pull, tri-state output
Voltage range (Vuser)5 to 15 Vdc max5 to 30 Vdc max
Isolation Galvanic
Output Protection50 mA resettable fuse
Protection Thresholds Over-voltage: 16V

Over-voltage 30V +/- 5%

Under voltage protection 5V +/- 2.5%

Maximum Reverse Voltage30V

Dynamic Characteristics

Delay Low-to-High<=50 ns

≤ 65ns @ 25°C for 30 V

≤ 200ns @ 25°C for 5 V

Delay High-to-Low <=50 ns

≤ 65ns @ 25°C for 30 V

≤ 200ns @ 25°C for 5 V

Rise/Fall times<= 15 ns


Operating Temperature10 to 40 ºC (50 to 104ºF)
Storage Temperature -55 to 85ºC (-67 to 185ºF)
Relative Humidity10 to 90%, non condensing
Maximum Altitude 2,000 m (6562 ft.)