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Additional Information

1x eHSx64 Solver

User-defined mapping to Circuit Sources available:

  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • Sinewaves
  • Dual PMSM VDQ
  • Analog Inputs

User-defined mapping to Circuit Switches available:

  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • PWMs
  • SPWMs
  • Digital Inputs
2x PMSM Variable Parameter Solver

Each machine supports two modes: Constant Parameter and Variable Parameter. In constant parameter mode, Ld, Lq, and flux is constant. In variable parameter mode, a user can configure the solver to such that Ld, Lq, and flux varies according to Id and Iq.

Refer to the PMSM BLDC Section for more information.

1x Resolver/motor

Excitation assignable to any analog input port

1x Encoder/motorAssignable to any DO port
1x Hall Effect Sensor/motorAssignable to any DO port
32x Sinewave Generators
16x PWM Generators
12x Sinusoidal PWM Generators
Analog Output Mapping and Rescaling
Analog Input Rescaling
32x Waveform Acquisition Channels