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The Hardware Configurations described in this section have been archived and are no longer being maintained as part of the Power Electronics Add-On.  They are described here for documentation purposes only, and should not be used in new projects. Please refer to the Supported Hardware Configurations Section for a list of current configurations.

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If a project was created in Power Electronics Add-On version 1.8 or earlier and configured to use one of the above archived hardware configurations, and that project is subsequently opened in version 1.9 or later, the following behavior occurs:

  • A dialog box is shown, stating that a backup version of the project has been saved.  Take note of the file path to the backup project.
  • Error 8700 is thrown.
  • The project cannot be used in its current state.

If this situation occurs:

  • Contact OPAL-RT Support to discuss available migration options.
  • To continue using the project in the meantime, uninstall the current version of the Power Electronics Add-On and revert to the previously installed version.  Use the backup version of the project.