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In this example model, a two-level three-phase converter is used to inject active and reactive power to a stiff AC voltage source that symbolizes the main grid. The following figure shows the high-level block diagram of the example model, which is separated to represent the grid with disturbances in one subsystem and the smart inverter with the solar PV system in another subsystem:

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On the DC side of the two-level converter, a 5kW PV array is used as a primary energy source. To emulate maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the PV array, a PV Controller block is implemented. The obtained output from the PV Controller block generates a normalized duty cycle signal which is fed to the boost converter. Following the boost converter circuit, a DC voltage chopper is used. The DC-link capacitor at the output of the chopper provides a smooth DC input to the two-level converter. The voltage in the DC link capacitor is controlled by the Primary Control block, which modifies the power injection on the AC side to maintain the DC link voltage at a certain reference value.