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The OP5969-1 is an I/O expansion option available for the OP4510, OP4512, and OP4610XG simulators and also for the OP4520 I/O expansion unit. 
The I/O Expansion connects to the rear-interface of the simulator and provides 6x fiber optic connector pairs (input and output). 
6 fiber optic inputs and 6 fiber optic outputs can be used for digital I/Os or for low-speed communication protocols. 
The ORION protocol, developed by OPAL-RT, is compatible with these channels and available in custom bitstreams.

Table of Contents

General Pin Assignments

OP5969-2 Pin Name

Signal Name

Image Modified


Channel XX Receiver


Channel XX Transmitter


Number of channels6 transmitters, 6 receivers
Receiver TypeAFBR-2624Z PIN diode
Transmitter TypeAFBR-1624Z 650nm 650 nm wavelength
Connector TypeAvago’s Versatile Link family
Compatible Fiber TypePlastic Optical Fiber (POF), 650nm650 nm
Maximum Tx/Rx Frequency

DC - 25MHz25 MHz

Baud Rate

50 Mbps

Minimum Tx Pulse Width20 ns
Maximum Distance50 meters