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The optional connector kit must be selected at the time of purchase and factory-installed.

If the OP3811 or the OP3812 GPS Synchronization Connectors PCIe I/O cards are ordered, none of the following expansion options can be installed because the I/O cards also require a connector plate to be installed in the same location.

RS422 Connector kit

RS422 Digital Inputs and Outputs (DIO



OP4510 V2-1 RS422 ConnectorsImage Modified

DEFAULT connector kit installed
The DB9 connectors for RS422 signals are typically used to transmit differential encoder inputs and outputs. Refer to the OP5969-1 User Manual for specifications and pin assignment.

Fiber-Optic Connector kit

Fiber Optic Connector


OP4510 V2-2 Fiber Optic ConnectorsImage Modified

Optional connector kit
Fiber-optic connector kit provides 6 RX and 6 TX channels.
These channels can be used as digital I/Os or for low-speed communication protocols.
The ORION protocol, developed by OPAL-RT is compatible with these channels and available in custom bitstreams. Refer to the OP5969-2 User Manual for specifications and pin assignment.

OP4512 PCIe Optional I/O cards