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This is an Excel file based on the provided template file in the product. This file must have these pages:

  • General
  • Pins: this page can be empty

It may also include:

  • Vsource
  • Current Injector


  • The I/O pins for PSS/e input files only support positive sequence components.
  • The bus names used in Vsource and Current Injector tabs must also follow the conventions described in the table below.

The Pins tab in the Excel file is used to define the required incoming and outgoing ports as described in Pins section. Note that only positive sequence component I/O pins are supported for PSS/e that are listed in Native Library section. For each component of the system in the RAW and DYR files, ePHASORSIM automatically creates a unique internal ID. To create an incoming or outgoing pin, this ID of the component must be declared in the Pins page of the Excel file.

The convention of creating these internal IDs is based on a combination of prefixes, the bus names, and identifiers that are given in the PSS/e RAW and DYR files. The identifiers in PSS/e RAW files are one or two-character uppercase non-blank alphanumeric. The following table lists these convention:

The Format of the identifiers in PSS/e and Excel File

PSS/e Format and Example

OPAL Format Convention



e.g.: bus_30

Load with ID 1 connected to bus 10

load_Z_ , load_I_ , or load_P_
e.g.: load_Z_10_1

Z, I , P reflect constant impedance, current, and power

Fixed Shunt and Switch Shunt
Shunt with ID 1 connected to bus 10

fSH_ or swSH_
e.g.: fSH_10_1

Generator with ID G1 connected to bus 39

e.g.: gen_39_G1

Type and dynamic data are read from *.dyr file

BRANCH (line)
Line with ID 1 between bus 9 and 39

e.g.: line_9_to_39_1

Transformer with ID T1 between bus 2 and 30

e.g.: xf_2_to_30_T1

Transformer with ID T1 between buses 100, 101, and 102

e.g.: xf_100_101_102_T1

Excitation system
Exciter at bus 37 connected to machine with ID G1

e.g.: ex_37_G1

Type and dynamic data are read from *.dyr file

Power system stabilizer
PSS at bus 38 connected to machine with ID 2

e.g.: pss_38_2

TG at bus 37 connected to machine with ID 1

e.g.: tg_37_1

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