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The Excel file, exclusively XLSX type, includes two tabs:

  • General: to set Frequency (Hz) and Power Base (MVA) for the imported power grid
  • Pins: to define incoming and outgoing pins described in the Pins section. Note that for PowerFactory, only positive sequence components I/O pins are supported listed in the Native Library section. ePHASORSIM automatically creates a unique internal ID for each component of the system during the generation of the '*_solver.opal' file. The incoming and outgoing pins for each component must be specified referring to the internal ID declared in the '*_solver.opal' file.

The convention for these internal IDs is based on prefixes followed by loc_name and ID given in the DGS file (*.XML). Note that the loc_name is converted into lowercase and any space characters are ignored. The following table lists these conventions:

The Format of the Identifiers in PowerFactory and Excel File

DGS Format and Example

OPAL Format Convention


Bus with loc_name B1 and item ID 57 in ElmTerm section

e.g.: bus_b1_57

Load with loc_name Ld A and item ID 50 in ElmLod section

load_[loc_name]_[ID]_Z, load_[loc_name]_[ID]_I , or load_[loc_name]_[ID]_P
e.g.: load_lda_50_z

Z, I, P reflect constant impedance, cur­rent, and power


Switch with loc_name Switch A and item ID 220 in StaSwitch section

e.g.: sw_switcha_220

Generator with loc_name G1 and item ID 54 in ElmSym section

e.g.: gen_g1_54

Static Generator
Static Generator with loc_name Static Gen and item ID 6 in ElmGenstat

e.g.: genstat_staticgen_6_p

Line with loc_name Ln1 and item ID 44 in ElmLne section

e.g.: line_ln1_44

2-Winding Transformer
Transformer with loc_name T1 and item ID 66 in ElmTr2 section

e.g.: xf2w_t1_66

3-Winding Transformer
Transformer with loc_name Tr 3 and item ID 13 in ElmTr2 section

e.g.: xf3w_tr3_13

Excitation System
Exciter on the machine with loc_name G1 and ID 54 in ElmSym section

exc_[machine loc_name]_[machine ID]
e.g.: exc_g1_54

Power System Stabilizer
PSS on the machine with loc_name G2 and ID 55 in ElmSym section

pss_[machine loc_name]_[machine ID]
e.g.: pss_g2_55

TG on the machine with loc_name G1 and ID 54 in ElmSym section

tg_[machine loc_name]_[machine ID]
e.g.: gov_g1_54

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