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The circuit model file has been loaded into the example project already, although the steps below can be used to reload the circuit model.  This is typically only necessary if the circuit has been modified.  For more information, please refer to How to Add a Circuit Model to the System Definition.

  • In the Configuration Tree, under Power Electronics Add-On, click Circuit Model.
  • In the configuration page, click to Browse for the Circuit Model File Path.
  • Select the model (.mdl) file at the Circuit Model File Path shown below. This automatically triggers a model update in the System Definition. 
  • Wait for the update to complete.
  • (optional) Click the Refresh button to see additional model information.
  • Click Save.

Circuit Model File Path: <Public Documents>\National Instruments\<NI VeriStand 20XX>\Examples\OPAL-RT\Power Electronics Add-On\Three Phase Rectifier\Circuit Model\SPS\Three_Phase_Rectifier.mdl

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