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In this example, we will use the eHSx64_Quad_IM_SM_IO_7868R configuration to deploy to a PXIe-7868R card.  The configuration includes one eHSx64 solver, multiple signal generators (Sinewaves, PWM, SPWM), and a Quad Generic Machine Model. The machine model allows the simulation of up to four machines, but we will use just one machine configured in SCIM mode.

The hardware configuration must be selected prior to deployment. For more information about supported hardware configurations, please refer to the Supported Hardware Configurations section.

  • In the Configuration Tree, expand Controller >> Custom Devices to display the Power Electronics Add-On custom device.
  • Click OPAL-RT Power Electronics Add-On to open the configuration page. 
  • The Configuration dropdown lists the supported hardware configurations of the Add-On.  Confirm that eHSx64_Quad_IM_SM_IO_7868R is selected. Please refer to the eHSx64_Quad_IM_SM_IO_7868R section for more information about this configuration.
  • In the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer, ensure that the PXIe-7868R FPGA target is named FPGA0.  For more information, see How to Select a Hardware Configuration.
  • Click Save.

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