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How to Add the Power Electronics Add-On to the System Definition


The Power Electronics Add-On must be configured to use a specific Hardware Configuration before a simulation can deployed. This configuration determines the type of FPGA board(s) targeted by the simulation, as well as the features available in the firmware for that specific configuration.

  1. In the VeriStand System Explorer, navigate to the Power Electronics Add-On Custom Device in the Configuration Tree.
  2. Select a configuration from the drop down menu.
  3. Notice that the Configuration Description indicator lists the supported features of this configuration.  The Configuration Tree is also updated accordingly.  Additional information about each configuration can be found under Supported Hardware Configurations.
  4. Enter your target credentials.  The default NI target Username is admin and the default Password is blank.
  5. Save the System Definition file.

  6. Open NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX).
  7. In the NI MAX configuration tree, expand Remote Systems, locate your target, and expand Devices and Interfaces.
  8. Expand the Chassis and locate the FPGA card(s) in your target.  Verify that their aliases match those listed in the description for the Hardware Configuration (FPGA0, FPGA1, etc).

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