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How to Create a Circuit Model

How to Add a Circuit Model to the System Definition


Source components in the eHS circuit model can be mapped to a variety of incoming signals, allowing them to act as either AC or DC sources depending on the characteristics of the mapped signal (sinusoidal versus constant).  We can leverage the Sinewave Generators to simulate a three phase AC voltage source in the Circuit Model by following the steps below.

  1. Follow the steps in How to Create a Circuit Model to build a model containing three voltage sources.  The sources can be controlled or uncontrolled.

  2. In a VeriStand project, add the Power Electronics Add-On and load the circuit into the Circuit Model page.  See the instructions in How to Add a Circuit Model to the System Definition for additional information.
  3. Navigate to the Sources page and locate the three voltage sources.  Map each one to a different Sinewave Generator, as shown below.  In this case, we will use SWG00, SWG01, and SWG02.

  4. In the Configuration Tree, expand the Sinewave Generators >> Frequency Engines section and select the Frequency Engine 0 channel.  Set its default value to the desired frequency (in Hertz) of the three phase voltage source.
  5. In the Configuration Tree, expand the section for each Sinewave Generator mapped to the voltage sources.  In this example, we will expand SWG 0, SWG 1, and SWG 2.
  6. For each of the three Sinewave Generators, set the Frequency Engine channel to 0.  This will link the generator to Frequency Engine 0. 
  7. Provide default values for the Amplitude channels of all three Sinewave Generators.
  8. Under SWG 1, set the Phase channel to 120 degrees.  Under SWG 2, set the Phase channel to -120 degrees.

  9. Save the System Definition file and run the simulation.  The voltage source blocks in the circuit model will behave as a synchronized three phase voltage source with a 120 degree phase shift between each signal.
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