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This version of the Encoder and its associated Hardware Configurations have been archived.  If starting a new project, consider using a different Hardware Configuration.

Encoder Configuration Page

In the System Explorer window configuration tree, expand the Power Electronics Add-On custom device and select Circuit Model >> ACIM >> Encoder to display this page.  Use this page to configure the Encoder sensor model. 

This page includes the following components:

NameSpecifies the name of the encoder.
DescriptionSpecifies a description for the encoder.

#Pole Pairspp

Modify this parameter if the encoder is attached to a gear box rather than connected directly to the rotor.  In most applications this is set to 1.

Signal Order

A leads B

Select one of the following options:

  • A leads B - A is the first output pulse as the machine begins to rotate
  • B leads A - B is the first output pulse as the machine begins to rotate

If the machine appears to be turning backwards, consider switching this setting.

Angle OffsetθOffsetDegrees0°Angle offset applied to the machine angle, θmach

Active Low

Select one of the following options:

  • Active High - Output signals are pulled High to signify an encoder pulse
  • Active Low - Output signas are pulled Low to signify an encoder pulse
Pulses Per Revolutionppr
1000Number of pulses generated by the outputs A and B in a single revolution

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