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One of the features of the Hardware Configuration Manager is the ability to duplicate an existing hardware configuration to extend its capabilities.

For example, consider a case where a user would like to simulate four independent PMSM motors on two different PXIe-7868Rs. To achieve this, we can create a new hardware configuration by duplicating an existing one containing a Dual PMSM machine model on one PXIe-7868R, e.g. the eHSx32_Dual_PMSM_VDQ_IO_32DO_7868R. This will allow the simulation of double the resources on two separate PXIe-7868R FPGA targets.



  1. From the Power Electronics Add-On Main Page, launch the Hardware Configuration Manager by clicking the Launch HCM button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the eHSx32_Dual_PMSM_VDQ_IO_32DO_7868R configuration from the Installed Configurations list.
  3. Click the >> button twice to populate the Selected Bitfiles list with the duplicate configuration. Note that this process also auto-assigns the FPGA Identifier.
  4. Enter a New Hardware Configuration Name and Description into the provided text boxes, and then click Create New Hardware Configuration

The newly created Hardware Configuration will now be available for selection on the Power Electronics Add-On Main Page drop-down.

To optimize the performance of a custom, multi-FPGA hardware configuration, consider contacting OPAL-RT Support for assistance configuring the Processor Assignments in the VeriStand project.

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