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Product Name

32 Channels High-Range DIO

Part Numbers


Board Type

Digital input/output conditioning

Form Factor

Mezzanine Type B


6.60 cm x 12.50 cm (2.6” x 4.92”)

Hot-Plug support



Number of Channels

32 IO in 4 Banks configurable as inputs or outputs  Bank1 : D0-7    Bank2 : D8-15   Bank3 : D16-23     Bank4 : D24-31

Vuser 1 for Bank 1 and 2      Vuser 2 for Bank 3 and 4


Input Impedance

> 100 K Ohm

Reverse voltage protection

Signal diode

Maximum  voltage protection

+/- 50 Volts

Detection threshold

4 programmable Schmitt Trigger  Level step .1176V from .470v to 29.4 Threshold high and Threshold Low for each bank

Recommended levels threshold

The default thresholds are LOW level = 1.5V, the HIGH Level = 3.5V.

To improve noise immunity, a LOW-level Threshold of 1/3 Vuser, and a HIGH-level Threshold of 2/3 Vuser, are recommended.

Voltage Range

0 to 30 Vdc

Delay Low-to-High

10 ns (implementation-dependent)                                                         

Delay High-to-Low

15 ns (implementation-dependent)                                                        


Output Protection

50 mA resettable fuse

Output impedance2 to 15 ohm

Protection thresholds

Maximum Vuser + 0.5V

Minimum  -0.5V

Output voltage range

4.5 to 24Vdc Max (default internal 4.5 volts)

Logic high levels ( typical) 

Vuser <= 25v , noload:  Vuser -0.2V   50mA : Vuser -0.9V (in OP5650 system)  

Vuser  >  25v , noload:  Vuser -3.5V   50mA: Vuser -4.7V (in OP5650 system)  

Logic Low levels ( typical) Vuser  5V to 30V 0.1V ( in OP5650 system)  

Output configuration


Delay Low-to-high (  hardware typical * )

< 100ns @25c for  25V

< 90ns @25c for 5 V                                      

Delay High-to-Low (  hardware typical * )

< 100ns @25c for  25V

< 90ns @5c for 5 V                                       

Rise / Fall time ( x to Y)

< 40ns,   50ns                                   

Minimum Pulse detection (resolution)

90 ns      5V

130ns  30V

Output Frequency

 DC to 8 Mbit (1)



The OP5369 is designed for indoor use only.

( * ) implementation-dependent 

Module operating temperature

0 °C to 40 °C

Storage temperature

-40 °C to 85 °C

Operating humidity

10% to 90% non-condensing

Storage humidity

5% to 95% non-condensing

Pollution Degree


Maximum altitude

2,000 m

Power requirement15W

Maximum Number of Repetitive Signals

in OP5650 or OP5x07in OP4510
Vuser / Channel


1 1 Mb/s2 Mb/s5 Mb/s16Kb/s*2 Mb/s5 Mb/s
5  1Mb/s2 Mb/s5 Mb/s16Kb/s*1 Mb/s4 Mb/s
15500Kb/s2 Mb/s5 Mb/s16Kb/s**500 Kb/s2 Mb/s
32500Kb/s1 Mb/s4 Mb/s16Kb/s**500 Kb/s1 Mb/s
**500 Kb/s  si T amb < 25C*1 Mb/s si T amb < 25C


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