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How to Duplicate an Existing Hardware Configuration


The Hardware Configuration Manager allows users to to edit and build custom hardware configurations using one or more of the Supported Hardware Configurations as a starting point.  Custom hardware configurations can be exported and reimported for distribution to other systems with VeriStand and the Power Electronics Add-On installed.

Supported Hardware Configurations do not need to be distributed manually, as they are installed with the Power Electronics Add-On by default.

To distribute a custom hardware configuration to another PC:

  1. Open the Hardware Configuration Manager from any VeriStand project with the Power Electronics Add-On added
  2. In the Installed Hardware Configurations Table, select the Custom Hardware Configuration you wish to distribute
  3. Click the Export button and specify where to save the hardware configuration. It will be exported as a file with the extension .opbitx.
  4. Transfer the .opbitx file to the second PC
  5. Open the Hardware Configuration Manager from the second PC
  6. Click Import and select the .opbitx file

Custom hardware configurations support backwards compatibility. Internally, the Hardware Configuration Manager identifies the base hardware configurations used to generate the custom hardware configuration, and regenerates it using the latest versions of those base hardware configurations in order to make it compatible with the Power Electronics Add-On version installed.

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