The OP4250-1 features 32 optically isolated input channels. All are sampled simultaneously for additional simulation accuracy. It is perfectly suited to interface real-life environment signals to TTL or differential levels for RT-LAB simulator, providing perfect electrical isolation and discharge protection.


Channel Description

The optically isolated inputs accept a wide input voltage range, from 5 to 30 Volts. They have a low threshold current; typically 3.6 mA. Each input has reverse voltage protection of up to 30 Volts provided by a Schottky diode.

The schematic below represents the electrical circuit of one channel, from the Din+/Din- input signals coming for the unit under test (on the right) to the Din_FPGA signal going to the FPGA processor of the real-time simulator (on the left).

Typical Use Cases

The circuit makes it possible to use the module for activation or open-circuit detection, both in the high or low active state.

Typical high side activation (user high Dout)

Typical low side activation (user low Dout)

Typical high side open circuit detection

Typical low side open circuit detection

The OP4250-1 cassette includes the OP5353-1 mezzanine card.