Follow this simple installation procedure. Make sure to respect proper grounding, as described in Connecting the Ground Screw

Connecting the Ground Screw 

You must connect a grounding cable from the OP5600 ground screw to the rack to ensure that the OP5600 terminates securely in a ground. Proper grounding helps prevent electric shocks, protects the OP5600 from voltage spikes (from a variety of causes, including lightning strikes), and provides increased immunity from EMI by lowering noise levels and emissions.

Adding or replacing OP5300 mezzanine modules

Top view of mezzanines installed on carrier

The top of the chassis can be removed to access the signal conditioning mezzanine modules installed on the carrier board. The location of the modules depends on the platform selected :

At power-up, the carrier will autodetect which mezzanines are installed and transfer this information to the FPGA and the simulator.

The system must be powered down before changing mezzanines. Failure to do so may damage the equipment.