Circuit Model File Path: <Public Documents>\National Instruments\<NI VeriStand 20XX>\Examples\OPAL-RT\Power Electronics Add-On\PMSM VDQ Local Control\Circuit Model\PMSM_eHS_UB.mdl

Configuring the PMSM Model

In this example, the PMSM model and associated sensors have been pre-configured. For more information related to machine configuration, please refer to the PMSM BLDC Section. Explore the configuration of the machine by following the steps below.

Motor Configuration
Motor TypePMSM Constant Ld/Lq

Direct Inductance (H)

Quadrature Inductance (H)0.004576
Permanent Magnetic Flux (Wb)0.25366
Phase A Resistance (Ohm)0.12
Phase B Resistance (Ohm)0.12
Phase C Resistance (Ohm)0.12
Pole Pairs3
Direct Quadrature Transform Angle OffsetAligned
Sample Time (s)1.2E-7
Mechanical Model Configuration
Viscous Damping0.3665
Static Friction0.0019
Mechanical Model Mode (VeriStand Channel)1