Circuit Model File Path: <Public Documents>\National Instruments\<NI VeriStand 20XX>\Examples\OPAL-RT\Power Electronics Add-On\Quad SCIM Constant Local Control\Circuit Model\SCIM_eHS_UB.mdl

Configuring the SCIM Model

In this example, the SCIM model has been pre-configured. For more information about machine configuration, please refer to the SCIM Section. Explore the machine configuration described below.

Motor Configuration
Motor TypeSquirrel-Cage Induction Machine
Stator Resistance (Ohm)0.5968

Stator Leakage Inductance (H)

Rotor Resistance (Ohm)0.6258
Rotor Leakage Inductance (H)0.00547
Pole Pairs3
Initial Speed0
Mutual Inductance (H)0.0354
Zero-SequenceDon't Include
Solver Timestep (s)4.81E-7
Mechanical Model Configuration
Viscous Damping0.00190986
Static Friction0.3665
Mechanical Model Mode (VeriStand Channel)1