This document presents recommendations for good cabling design to ensure electromagnetic compliance (EMC) of the simulator. Failing to follow the recommendations might lead to energy transfer in electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can disturb the equipment in the neighbor environment.

Cable component items

Analog Cable assembly

The D-sub37 cable used for the analog IO must follow the recommendations:

Digital Cable Assembly

The D-sub37 cable used for the digital IO must follow the recommendations:

Figure 1: Simulator DB37 digital output connector side.

Power Cable Assembly

The power cable used for the VUser in Digital Output cards must follow the recommendations:

  1. Power connections should use twisted pairs.
  2. Cable should have a shield around the twisted pairs.
  3. One shield per type of IO and direction.
  4. The shells/casings should be connected to the chassis earth ground on both equipment.
  5. The total cable length should be less than 3 m (9 feet).
  6. The cable should have a ferrite clamp on the Digital Output side.

Figure 2: Power cable for VUser