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The OP4610XG is an affordable compact mid-range simulator with up to 128 fast I/O channels with signal conditioning, 12 channels for RS422 or optional low-speed fiber-optic communication, 4 high-speed communication ports (SFPs), and 2 free PCIe slots for optional I/O cards.

The integration of a high-end AMD™ Ryzen™ 6-core processor with powerful Xilinx® Kintex®-7 FPGA provides great simulation power and sub-microsecond simulation time steps to maximize the accuracy of fast power electronic systems. It is fully compatible with RT-LAB and HYPERSIM.

The OP4610XG is designed to be used either as a desktop, shelf top, or mounted in a standard 19" rack.

Simulator Architecture

The diagram below shows the general architecture of the OP4610XG simulator.

The front of the chassis provides access to the SFP ports and the synchronization connectors,
The back of the chassis provides access to the DB37 and DB9 I/O connectors, computer ports, target power cable, and main power switch.

The main housing is divided into two sections, each with a specific purpose:

Modular configuration

The OP4610XG can contain up to 4 I/O modules (colored in green), according to the user's needs.
All I/O modules are factory installed. Changes can only be made by OPAL-RT, its affiliates and certified distributors. Opening the simulator case will automatically void the warranty.
Many combinations of compatible I/O modules are possible. Please refer to the Compatibility chart. Check for a typical configuration in the section below.

Typical I/O modules configuration

This is typical I/O modules configuration and is provided as an example only.

This example shows the use of two (2) OP5330-3 16 Channels Analog Output Modules (total of 32 analog output channels), one (1) OP5342 6 Analog Channel Input module and one (1) OP5369 32 Digital I/O module.

I/O ModuleDesciption (model number)I/O module quick specifications
I/O Module 116 Analog Output (OP5330-3)16 channels analog output, 1 MS/s (16 channels) or 2 MS/s (8 channels), 16-bit resolution, 15 mA, ±16 V
I/O Module 2Same as aboveSame as above
I/O Module 316 Analog Input (OP5342)16 channels analog input, 2 MS/s, 16-bit resolution, 500 ns, ±20 V
I/O Module 432 Digital I/O (OP5369)32 channels high range digital input output, Digital out: 50 mA per channel, 5-24 V push pull FET,  Digital in: 0-30 V, DIO selectable per group of 8 channels, 32 static digital.

The OP4610XG offers two types of synchronization, either LVDS or fiber-optic, making it easier to synchronize with any OPAL-RT device.