DB37F Connectors

Analog I/O Modules

DB37 connection to mezzanines

Each pair of I/O modules (A & B) is linked to four (4) female DB37 connectors (I/Os) on the back of the chassis:

Digital I/O Modules

DB37 connection to mezzanines

All signals are represented by a positive-negative pair that are always available on the connector pins, for example: for channel 08 : (08+, -08)

Positive/Negative Signals Connection

RJ45 Connectors

Each RJ45 monitoring panel on the front of the OP5705XG simulator connects to front and back I/O modules.
The following images illustrate how the I/O modules are linked to the connectors.

OP5705XG Rear (DB37)

RJ45 connection to mezzanines

RJ45 Channel Assignments

Each I/O module is assigned two columns of RJ45 connectors.
Each column represents a series of channels, divided into 4 channels per jack, as shown in the figure below.

RJ45 channel assignments